Cranberry-Orange Ombre sparklers

Cranberry-Orange Ombre sparklers

For a host that is as bubbly as champagne, serve this showstopper at your next brunch or sassy girls night in. 

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Right now, we are heading into the drab, ho-hum days of winter. Which for us means snow, and lots of it! But even on the coldest days, it’s important to look on the bright (and warm!) side. Take that snow and make it your winter confetti! Remember - it’s never too cold with a cocktail in hand.

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These Cranberry-Orange Ombre Sparklers will make any get-together “clink-worthy.” Cranberry and orange add the perfect pop of fresh citrus flavor to your favorite bubbly. The sweetness and fizz balance out to make a beverage your guests will gush about.

Making this cocktail is like playing dress up! Start by adding in the homemade cranberry orange mixture. Slowly pour in the champagne to achieve that lush, ombre effect. Finish off the presentation with a sugared rim and orange peel!



Cranberry-Orange Ombre sparklers

(optional) sugar for rim
(optional) cranberries and orange twist

1/2 cups pure cranberry juice
1/2 cups sugar
1/4 cup muddled cranberries
1/2 of an orange rind


  1. make cranberry-orange simple syrup by combining cranberry juice, sugar, and muddled cranberries in a saucepan. Heat on medium-high until all the sugar is dissolved.

  2. Remove from heat and drain the cranberries, keeping syrup in a separate bowl. Add orange rind and cool completely. 

  3. (optional) rim champagne flutes with sugar by dipping glass into a shallow pool of simple syrup. immediately dip into sugar. set aside. 

  4. Spoon 4 tablespoons of simple syrup into the bottom of the champagne glasses. Top with champagne. garnish with cranberries and an orange twist, if desired. 

(a little tip) 
slowly pour the champagne down the side of the flute to prevent over-mixing and achieve an 'ombre' effect.

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